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Before you start living the life of a millionaire tell all your friends, colleagues and family about our excellent service, and we'll put money straight into your Blitz account.

Quick reminder of the benefits of Blitz !!!

Blitzplanet has successfully bundled three ways of communication into 1 program, SMS texting, instant messaging and picture messaging

Blitzplanet is easy to use although it is cutting edge technology and.

Blitzplanet delivers international SMS and picture messages to 130 countries

Blitzplanet is extrememly good value compared to the typical rates charged in the UK by the likes of Vodafone, Orange ...

        • Take snaps wherever you are and send them to your friend's email or your own blog.

        • You can now uUpdate your own blog with photos or text on the go with Blitzplanet.

        • Send important or personal emails from your phone to anyone who matters to you.

        • Send instant messages to other Blitz users.
HOW DO WE PAY our Blitz Partners

The more you promote Blitz the more you will earn.
There are THREE PROFITABLE levels of commission
You'll always WIN.

That's right - you can even make money without having a website or a blog

We Pay You - Level 1

You don't know much about Blitzplanet.

Still, as soon as you tell a prospect about Blitz we'll give you


for every purchase or follow up payment your prospect does.

We Pay You - Level 2

You've signed up with us, got the package, and you know the program pretty well.

Tell someone you know who travels a lot or has friends and family abroad about Blitz and we'll put a


directly into your Blitzplanet account every time your prospect tops up.

We Pay You - Level 3

You've registered with Blitz, bought credits. You have a website or a blog where you can promote Blitz.

Tell a prospect about Blitzplanet and you'll get an

Incredible 10%

for every purchase or follow up payment one of your prospect makes.

What Is Affiliate or Blitz Partner Marketing, And Why Is It The Simplest Business In The World?

Here's the definition:

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone else's products by you, (The Affiliate or Blitzplanet Partner). In exchange you'll get commission-based compensation.
This is the NEW BIG BUSINESS on the Internet.

'One day you might ask yourself:

" I enjoy staying in touch with everyone so much, I'd like all of my friends to contact me whenever they like without it breaking the bank. What do I do?" 

Here's what...

Your favourite store for mobile communication has something called Blitz Partner, which is an 'Affiliate Program�!

All you've got to do is this:

  1. Sign-up as a Blitzplanet Partner or a Affiliate - it's free -...
  2. Learn how to market Blitz products effectively...
  3. Then collect tons of commissions .

Number 1 and 3 are easy, but to master number 2 you will need a bit of help from your friends.  We are providing you with banners and 'Tell a friend' templates to make your marketing job easier.

As soon as you have mastered the art of marketing...

...You can profit instantly without you needing to create your own product or wasting a whole lot of time trying to do so. Plus remember, there are... 

  • NO products to ship
  • NO major overhead expenses
  • NO employees
  • NO headaches
  • NO fancy website needed
  • NO inventory to keep
  • NO copywriting expense
  • NO customer service
  • NO product development cost
  • NO worries

Learning how to market Blitzplanet effectively is the key. 

To find out more how we help Blitz Patners Click here

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