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To Start Sending SMS Messages With Blitz -

Follow The Steps Below:


1. Registering a Blitzplanet Account.



2. How to install Blitzplanet on your mobile phone.



2.1 Get Blitzplanet by SMS.



3. Crediting your Blitzplanet Account.



4. Configuring Blitzplanet on your mobile phone.



5. Sending an SMS Message.



6. Checking the Status of your Sent Messages.



7. Sending Emails 



8. Can I still use my standard text service and bundled messages?



9. Trouble Shooting



10. How to get full GPRS or Internet connection on your phone?



11.Two Free Credits - Wap Push Message Sent To Your Phone


12. Will Blitz work with your phone?  
  1. Registering a Blitz Account.  
  First you will need to register an account with Blitzplanet. This is FREE. Go to the Online Registration Page and sign up. Your account will be created immediately. It's important that you remember your Username and Password.  
  2. How to install Blitz on your mobile phone.  
  Blitzplanet is FREE to install. To install it simply browse on your mobile phone to the location below and then download it

View how to install Blitz on your mobile phone by clicking on the arrow of the video to the right
  Blitz -
Browse on your phone to the address above,
click on the link and download the program to your phone.
This version is suitable for 99% of mobile phones models manufactured after 2003

Blitz Lite.
Browse on your phone to the address above,
click on the link and download the program to your phone.

Blitzplanet lite is suitable for all cell phones that were manufactured before the year 2003.
Try this version if you have an older phone model, or if you prefer a lighter-weight program.

  The program will download and install from one of the links above directly to your phone.  
  2.1 Get Blitz by SMS for FREE And Fast  
  If you are in the UK, and you would like us to send Blitzplanet direct to your phone, please follow the instructions below:  
  Blitz - Simply text the words blitz full to 80008  
  Blitz Lite - Just text the words blitz lite to the number 80008  
  You will then be sent Blitzplanet by SMS, you'll receive 2 messages. You will not be charged.  

3. Crediting your Blitz Account.

  Before you can send messages with Blitzplanet, you must credit your account. Go to the My Blitzplanet Login and log in with your Username and Password, then click on the Top-up link. You will be taken to the Click & Buy site, our payment process providers' website to submit the payment. After successfully topping up you can check your Credit Balance under the View Customer Details link whenever you are logged in.  
  4. Configuring Blitz on your mobile phone.  
  When you open Blitzplanet for the first time, you'll see a menu. Select Settings IconSettings. In the Settings Screen, enter your Username and Password in the respective text fields. Note that both your Username and Password are case sensitive. Make sure that your phone is not automatically adjusting the case of the letters as you enter them.  
  When you have entered that information, press the 'Save' button. Your settings will be saved automatically, and you should find yourself at the initial menu again.  
  5. Sending an SMS Message.  

Watch the Blitz video guide on how to
use SMS on Blitz


From the main menu select New SMS IconNew SMS to create a new SMS message. When prompted for a mobile number, enter the number of the mobile phone you are sending the message to.

No need to enter the country code for text messages to the UK. A message to a UK phone can look something like this 0712345678. For all other countries it is mandatory that the number should look like this +44712345678.


 When prompted for a message, enter the text of your message. You can enter a maximum of 160 characters. When you are ready, press the 'Send' button to send your message. You will see the program connecting to our Blitzplanet server, and sending your message.
Thereafter you should see the word' Sent' displayed on the screen and a figure that shows how many SMS Credits you have now left in your Blitzplanet Account.

If you see an error message instead of the 'Sent', skip to the 9. Troubleshooting section below. Otherwise you can press 'Next' and be taken back to the main menu.

  6. Checking the Status of your Sent Messages.  
  Now that you've sent a message, you can check on its status. From the main menu select Sent Messages Icon'Sent Messages'. You then see a screen with a list of messages that you have sent. This is useful as sometimes messages fail to send at all, if you entered the wrong number for example. Each message you see in the Sent Messages screen has an icon beside it. The icon will be one of the following:  
  Grey Dot Grey Dot. Unconfirmed Status. The message is still in the process of being sent.  
  Green Dot Green Dot. Delivered. The recipient should have now received the message.  
  Red Dot Red Dot. Failed. The message failed to deliver.  
  Black Dot Black Dot. Unknown Status. A record of this message could not be found on the server. You should contact Blitzplanet to find out more.  
  Blitzplanet updates the status of your messages each time you enter the Sent Messages screen, so you can check again at any time. Using the 'Menu' Button from this screen you can also Read messages that you have already sent, Delete them individually, or delete all the messages by selecting Delete All. When you are done, press the 'Back' button to get back to the main menu.  
  7. Sending Emails   
  Select 'New Email' from the menu to create an Email message. Choose the 'Options' button to proceed after writing the email. At this point you can attach a photo you just took. Click 'Next' and you'll be asked to enter an email address. Select an email address from the Blitz Address Book you created or from the contacts on your Sim card. Alternatively input an email address manually.  
  8. Can I still use my standard text service and bundled messages?  
  Of course you can, it's easy; choose to either use Blitzplanet or your standard network text message service, just select which is the best option.  
  9. Trouble Shooting  
  I get a 'Connection Timed Out' Error when I go to send a message  
  This means Blitzplanet is unable to connect to the Blitzplanet server. First check the Network Settings on your phone and ensure that you are giving the application access to the Internet when it requests it. If this does not resolve the issue it is possible that the Blitzplanet server is down temporarily for maintenance. Try again in a few minutes. If you continue seeing this message, contact Blitzplanet (help @ to find out if there are any problems with the server.  
  I get an 'Insufficent Credit' Error.  
  Your account does not have any SMS credits in it. You can double check this by logging in and visiting the View Customer Details page. Do not forget that your Blitzplanet account is FREE and comes without starting credit. To top up your account, visit The Top-up Page after you have logged in at the Blitzplanet Home Page.  
  I get an 'Invalid Username/Password' Error  
  Check the Username and Password that you entered in the configuration screen. Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive. Sometimes your phone will want to set case in a certain way. Double check that your Username and Password match the ones you submitted when you registered.  
  I get an 'Unknown Error'  
  First, double check your Username, Password and the recipient's mobile number. If the error message still appears, please email help @ blitzplanet. co .uk about this problem. To help us diagnose the problem quicker, please quote the error message number which should be displayed in front of the Error message, as well as any other details which you think might be helpful.  
  My phone says I cannot connect.  
  If you get an error message stating 1555, the error lies with your mobile phone or your mobile network. It means that Blitzplanet can't communicate with your phone or your network.  
  1. Make sure that you have enough credits to go online with your mobile.  
  2. Sometimes the Internet settings on your phone are not set to allow Blitzplanet access to the Internet. Please ensure that your phone allows you to gain Internet access. If you don't know how to do this call your mobile network provider.  

3. When you input your user name and password make sure:

a. That you don't have any spaces in front or after the user name or password.
b. That the user name and password are in the same case, Be aware that 'carol' will be interpreted differently than 'Carol'.

  11. Two Free Credits - Wap Push Message Sent To Your Phone  

As soon as you have signed up with Blitz, we will be sending you TWO messages. The first message is a traditional SMS to inform you that we are giving you two free credits, and the second one is a so-called WAP push message containing the program 10pText, which you should download as per the download instructions on your phone.

A WAP message can be found in several different places on your phone, depending on what kind of phone you have. Some common places to find your WAP PUSH message:
· inbox
· wap push inbox
· service inbox
· funbox
· browser message inbox
· push inbox
· browser msg

Look at your phone's user manual if you don't know the location of these inboxes.

** There is a KNOWN ISSUE with the Motorola V3 RAZR and receiving wap push messages. If you have a RAZR and are not getting your wap push message to download your content, try turning the phone OFF and then back on and starting over. Also try deleting all old text messages and sent messages. These two solutions should fix the problem.

Please also make sure that WAP PUSH is enabled on your mobile. Some phones require you to turn on these settings - typically the push settings need to be "on", "allow all", "always", or "receive all". Here are some common handsets and locations to find these settings:

- Services ->Settings ->Service Inbox settings
->Messaging ->Settings -> Service Msg.

- Messages ->Browser Msgs ->Menu Button -> Browser Msg Setup -> Messages -> Browser Messages ->Browser Msg Setup

- Internet > Push Messages > Receive

- Fun Box ->WWW Services ->Push Messages ->Setting ->Fun Box ->Wap Browser

- Messaging -> WAP Push ->Allow Push ->
- Wap Services ->Push Messages ->Messaging -> Wap Push


  12. Will Blitz work with your phone?  

Blitz works with all phones which were manufactured from 2003 onwards and with a lot of phones that were built prior to that date.
Our advice is that you take advantage of our free SMS and MMS credits and free download and installation option to see how the programme works on your phone, just so that you are on the safe side.
MMS is the latest feature on Blitz and works now on all Sony Ericsson phones and most older Nokia mobile phones.























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