Use the power of the Internet on your phone

Blitz is even more convenient than Skype because only the sender needs to download our service.

- No need to sit next to a computer to send cheap SMS messages any longer.

- If you haven't already done so set your phone to broadband (GPRS) when using Blitzplanet and start making enormous savings from today.

Some of our customers are already quietly saving a fortune with Blitz.

Save Up To £288
Per Year on your mobile phone bill.


Blitz works not only with all phones that can connect to the Internet, but also with all mobile phone providers...

...even if you choose PAYG over contract with your provider - Blitz just works -

- No need to change sim cards before travelling

- No need to pre-dial long numbers before sending picture or text messages.

You'll always know the price
Surprises or Subscriptions
1 Fixed Fee for all Blitz users.

Send Pictures, Emails and SMS messages to 130 countries directly from your handset with Blitz on your phone.
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